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Monitoring & Targeting

Business world considers the investment to be good, if it is scientifically verified, feasible, analysed, financially enumerable and measurable. The more measurable, the better it is. Monitoring & Targeting method will be for you the same, as the control tower for a pilot. All required data is systematically measured, saved and evaluated. Transparent charts let you know about the offsets from target consumption. The only thing you need to do is to adapt the speed and altitude of your flight and you can be sure about safe and punctual landing at the destination. And by the way... a little fuel amount will still remain in the tank.
Good reason to implement M&T.

...a few more reasons for M&T:
  • 5–10% of expenses savings is a standard practice
  • low initial costs
  • up to 12 month return on investments
  • reduction of amount of emissions and waste
  • contributions towards environment protection

represents collection of data and their evaluate according the set metodiky.

represents systematic and methodical presentation and execution of partial as well as over-all measures that improve affectivity and the following analysis of achieved results in terms of targeted energy consumption.

Here you can download PowerPoint presentation and pdf file about energy management, processed by the method of monitoring and targeting from the Technical University in Košice conference.
The attached files use Slovak language

Energetický manažment metódou monitoring & targeting.ppt
Energetický manažment metódou monitoring & targeting.pdf