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Electric motors control

Electric motors drive our lives. It is only logical, that they significantly increase the numbers of total energy consumption. So let’s start saving today. Not only by words, but also the action. Should you ask where we start? Various recent methods come into consideration. One of them is a technology, which improves the efficiency of electric motors. We are talking about the eSave™ technology. 

Case studies and selected installations have credibly proven that a huge intact energy source lies in the technology of electric motor operation efficiency improvement.

 We are introducing... controller – Motor Efficiency Controller (MEC)
...that can save up to

30% of electricity. 

MEC is installed between the power source and the electric motor.
What does the eSave™ technology do?
  • AC motors become very inefficient when operating below their nominal load, i.e. when they are underrated
  • eSave™ technology monitors these changes and reduces input power to the motor if such a condition occurs
  • If the load increases, the input power is immediately amplified
  • ...while the motor still continuously runs with no change of its speed
Payback period is usually less than 3 years.
For more information, please download:
motor efficiency controlers
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