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Waste Heat

Did you get used to the idea,
that this is just a waste energy? 

It hasn’t to be like that
  • ... Get informed about innovative solutions to utilise waste heat!
A challenge for you:
  • ... Production of electricity from your own waste industrial heat
Our solution:
  • ... Waste heat utilisation unit => electrical power depends on heat amount and the temperature

(graf ABB)

What do you get?
  • waste heat utilisation even at relatively low temperatures – thanks to the implementation of binary cycles
  • carbon footprint reduction – the key to make business with emissions in the future
  • electricity purchase reduction – you will produce your own
  • low payback period – units operate without the need of primary fuel
  • no additional workforce costs – units are at very high level of automation
  • the image of ecology-oriented company
Here you can download the presentation about waste heat utilization for power generation in industry