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Geothermal energy in Slovakia

The Nature largely offers the utilisation of geothermal energy, which represents an ecologic and renewable source in the world. This energy is being utilised for various objectives here in Slovakia – swimming pools, aqua parks, heating of residential buildings, agricultural and balneal purposes. However, it is not yet used for electricity production, despite the fact, that there are areas in Slovakia, which have sufficient potential for such a power plant. Geothermal research has proven, that the potential of Východoslovenská nížina (lowland in eastern Slovakia), at eastern side of Slanské Vrchy (Hills), is sufficient to build a geothermal power plant.

We cooperate with world leaders in the field of electricity production from geothermal energy. They are:
  • Ronald DiPippo – a specialist within the scope of geothermal and wind energy
  • Thermochem – a world leader in consultancy services concerning industry and renewables

Some advantages of geothermal energy utilisation:
  • No carbon footprint at all
  • Gentle to environment
  • Domestic power source
  • Low operation costs
  • Reliable and safe operation
  • High annual efficiency if there is a nearby heat source
  • Promising payback period
Advantages for the investors:
  • Modular scalability – Installed power of geothermal plant depends on the amount of bore holes, their richness and water temperature
  • The purchase of electricity from renewable source is guaranteed by the government for the period of 15 years
  • The option to utilise residual heat from the plant (aqua park, swimming pools, heating, DHW production, greenhouses, wood drying facilities, etc.)
You can download additional information about geothermal energy in study below. 
Feasibility study - Geothermal power plant in Dargov
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